PROJI uses the following materials for the production of its products (non-exhaustive list):

Needle-punched Polyester/Panox 220g/m² Black
Needle-punched Polyester 75g/m² heather grey
Needle-punched Polyester 95g/m² heather grey
Needle-punched Polyester 110g/m² heather grey
Needle-punched Polyester 140g/m² heather grey
Needle-punched Polyester 85g/m² black
Needle-punched Polyester UV 250g/m² Red
Spunlace Viscose 70g/m² white
Spunbond Polypropylen 50g/m² black and white
Spunbond Polypropylen 70g/m² white
Plastic foams and Elastomers
XPE Foam 25kg/m3 Thickness 3mm anthracite
XPE Foam 28kg/m3 Thickness 5mm anthracite and white
XPE Foam 29kg/m3 Thickness 3, 5, 10mm M1 anthracite
XPE Foam 33kg/m3 Thickness 2, 3, 4, 6mm white
XPE Foam 50kg/m3 Thickness 1.5mm, 3mm white
Polyether foam 28kg/m3 thickness 10mm grey
PVC Foam 125kg/m3 Thickness 5mm black
EPDM Foam 120kg/m3 Thickness de 2 à 10mm black
NEOPRENE Foam 150kg/m3 Thickness de 2 à 10mm black
EPDM compact 1400kg/m3 65 shA Thickness 1.5mm
Silicone foam 350kg/m3 half-open cells thickness from 2.4 to 12.7mm
Other materials

•LDPE Film siliconized 1 face 45µm, 55µm blanc
•LDPE Film siliconized 1 face 20µm
•Film PET Film métallisé siliconized 1 side 12µm
•PET Film metallized varnished 2 sides 23µm
•Siliconized paper 1 face 60g/m², 80g/m²
•Siliconized paper 2 sides différenciated 80g/m²
•Hot melt, acrylic and silicone adhesives